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When spring warms up the air and wakes up sleeping trees and plants, many homeowners wish to spend more time outside. However, when walking out to their patio or deck, they might find that the past few months have caused bleached colors, damaged furniture, and dirty, grimy films on your floor. Check out these ten springtime ideas for patios and decks by the top patio builder in San Antonio.

1. Give Your Outdoor Space a Spring Cleaning

Before attempting to update or decorate your patios and decks, you want a clean canvas to start with. Grab a broom and knock down cobwebs from the upper corners of your outdoor space, then sweep them away with dust and debris that has built up over the winter. You can then use a power washer to spray off deep-set grime on stone and concrete, or a garden hose sprayer on wood decks.

2. Prep Your Outdoor Cooking Appliances

Part of getting ready for the spring includes preparing your grill, outdoor ovens, and other exterior cooking appliances. By cleaning them up before you need them, you can jump right into your role as grillmaster when your friends and family come over. Complete the cleanup by wiping down the exterior of the grill, making it gleam like new.

3. Choose a Theme and Stick To It

When considering how to decorate your patio deck, choose a theme that you can stick to and plan your furniture, decor, lighting, and plant life around your theme. Having a specific look in mind makes it easier to make a decision on what you should get for your outdoor living space. You’ll also enjoy the appearance of a cohesive aesthetic on your front or backyard deck or patio.

4. Plan Your Look With Symmetrical Design

When making plans for your new deck or patio layout, consider utilizing a symmetrical design. Visual weight can either stay the same on either side, or you may choose to go heavy on one side and light on the other. Whether you choose symmetrical or non-symmetrical layouts, the idea should consist of providing an eye-catching but appealing outdoor area.

5. Use a Rug to Cover Deck or Patio Flooring

Outdoor rugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and consist of a material that easily drains water. Many outdoor rugs have colorful patterns that make them suitable for mixing and matching with different patio or deck themes. These rugs can soften the surface of your deck or patio or cover any stains in the material that you can’t otherwise get out.

6. Update or Add Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

Whether you want to use your deck or patio as an entertainment space or a dining area, outdoor furniture provides comfortable options for relaxing while outside. Made of wicker, plastic, metal, or other materials, you can purchase outdoor furniture such as:

  • Tables
  • Chests
  • Couches
  • Ottomans
  • Loveseats
  • Individual chairs

You can choose outdoor furniture with base materials of different textures or colors, and cushion colors or patterns help you complete the ideas for patios and decks you may have.

7. Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space With New Lights

The design of your deck or patio helps you choose the best way to light it. Safety railings may have post heads perfect for light installation, while other people may choose to put up light strings or add flood lights to their home. When choosing the lights you want to fulfill your deck and patio ideas, consider the appearance of the lights themselves and how they contribute to the function and theme of your outdoor space.

8. Refresh Your Planters and Pots

Bringing the garden onto your patio or deck breathes life into the surroundings in a way that other decorative options can’t. Whether you have blooming flowers or climbing ivies, you can create a tiny oasis when you introduce plants to your outdoor space. 

Purchasing new planters, pots, and hanging baskets not only make the space look more beautiful, but allows you to decorate with new plant holders. While you can choose to stick to the more traditional types of pots and planters, many homeowners opt to try new methods of adding plant life to their decks, including:

  • Vertical wall planters or gardens
  • Placing plants in boots, buckets, or other unconventional items
  • Training ivy to grow through rafters or trellises in the ceiling of the porch instead of on a vertical trellis

9. Decorate With Pops of Color

Most outdoor furniture comes in neutral browns, blacks, and creams, providing you with a clean palette to play off of with any colors you want. You can use outdoor rugs and throw pillows to establish the rest of your color theme. Other decorations you can use to create your ideal deck or patio design include outdoor lanterns, wall signs, or tabletop decor.

Look for opportunities to surprise your guests or visitors. For example, if you use navy blue and white to create your ideal aesthetic, you can use bright yellows or oranges to create a pop of color.

10. Dress Up Your Door

After creating a beautiful design for your patio or deck, you can complete the look by decorating the door leading to that outdoor space. You can use traditional decor like door wreaths, but other options include themed hanging signs or planters. If you don’t want to put decorations up against the door itself, you could also add decor to the trim around the door.

Bring Your Ideal Outdoor Space to Life With All Pro Deck & Patios

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Enjoying springtime requires a clean outdoor space complete with beautiful and functional furniture, planters, outdoor appliances, and lighting. With new color and style ideas for patios and decks emerging every year, you can reinvent your outdoor space each spring to match the most recent trends. 

Learn the difference between a deck and a patio and which one works best for your home this spring by calling All Pro Decks & Patios in San Antonio, TX, at (210) 934-3233 or schedule an appointment online.

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